Sponsorship & Partnership Rules and Regulations


  1. Company representatives are not permitted to purchase or use RE/MAX Associate registrations.
  2. Sponsors and partners are not permitted to bring guests that are not affiliated with their respective companies, with the exception of spouses.
  3. Company representatives may not attend the Awards Gala as guests of RE/MAX Associates, unless the representative is the spouse or life partner of that Associate, and in that case the unregistered guest must purchase an Awards Gala only ticket at the cost of $180. All other company representatives must purchase a sponsorship package or partnership registration.
  4. Company representatives are not permitted to share registrations among attendees, even if representatives are not attending all conference events.
  5. All sponsor and partner registrations include admittance to all conference events, including the Friday and Saturday education sessions, all meals, the Fun Night Party, and the Awards Gala.
  6. Company representatives must wear their own name badges at all times.
  7. Name badges, which will be scanned, are required for entry into all meals, without exception. 
  8. Registration fees must be paid in full by January 31, 2024. Failure to remit full payment by the deadline may result in cancellation. After payment of registration fees, no refunds will be made except at the option of RE/MAX of Michigan.
  9. Neither the management of the Grand Traverse Resort nor RE/MAX of Michigan, shall be liable for the damage, loss or destruction of any items.
  10. Promotion of firms, other than those who have registered, is prohibited. Canvassing, solicitation of business, or conferences in the interest of business, except by registered firms, is prohibited. RE/MAX of Michigan will appreciate being informed of any infraction of this rule.
  11. Video or audio recording of speaker/educational sessions is not permitted.
  12. Unethical conduct or infraction of rules on the part of a company’s representatives will subject them to dismissal from the conference, in which event it is agreed no refund shall be made to the company and that no demand for redress shall be made by the company or their representatives.
  13. Registration is made with the understanding that the company will indemnify and holdRE/MAX of Michigan harmless from any claims arising from the company’s activities.
  14. Sponsors and partners are not permitted to host events, including but not limited to hospitality suites and cocktail parties, during RC24 except during the following hours:
    - Thursday, February 8 after 6:30 p.m.
    - Friday, February 9 after 6:00 p.m.
    - Saturday, February 10 between 2:30 and 5:00 p.m. or after midnight.
    Events held outside of these times not only compete with conference events, they detract from our Children’s Miracle Network Silent Auction and reduce the amount of money raised for the children. Sponsors and partners who host events outside of these allowed times will have their event shut down, will be removed from the conference, and will not be permitted to return in future years.
  15. All on-site event components, including food and beverage, must be coordinated through the Grand Traverse Resort. Sponsors and partners agree to notify RE/MAX of Michigan of their plans to host events during the conference. RE/MAX of Michigan agrees to promote applicable events.
  16. Signs, banners, or displays of any kind are not permitted except for in the 10x10’ conversation station areas granted to Platinum and Gold Sponsors. Tabletop displays and materials are permitted on your designated table at Friday's Cocktail Reception.


Please contact Ashley McCann at events@remax-mi.com or (269) 492-0151 with questions.